Friday, December 14, 2012


 Hadden enjoyed exploring at the Discovery Center. 
Lately: He loves banging toys and making VERY loud noises, 
crawling while pushing a toy, 
climbing, rolling balls or cars along the kitchen floor.
Soooo different than Emerson was at this age.
 It's fun to see the different personalities.
 Emmi at the Discovery Center. Pretending she works at a Vet.
 Lucas, are you ok? 
She has informed us that when she
 grows up she wants to be a doctor of people or animals.
Even though Hadden has popped through two teeth since 
Thanksgiving and has two currently making their appearance,
 he is still a happy little boy.
 This little girl has a sweet tooth. Not sure where she gets that from? :) 
Hold on Hadden, Big Sis is driving!!

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