Saturday, May 7, 2011

Discovering the world....

Nature fits all her children with something to do. -James Russell Lowell

Enjoying a beautiful day outside with her Momma! She is really enjoying our sidewalk and porch.

One day this week I had the fun opportunity to sub in PE. (Do you catch my sarcasm?) Anyway, I had an 1 1/2 lunch break so I came home to play with E. Her and I went outside to play and not minutes being outside I heard her yelling and looking down at the rocks. It came out something that sounded like bubbles. I couldn't figure it out....I knew she wasn't looking at bubbles. So..I walk over to check out the situation and this is what I find....

Baybug... Baybug...(a.k.a. Ladybug)

When I really think about what she said, I do know she was in fact saying ladybug. She wanted to tell her Momma what she had discovered. Poor baybug, didn't stand a chance. Truly wonderful the mind of a child.

If a child is to keep her inborn sense of wonder, she needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with her the joy, excitement, and the mystery of the world we live in. -Rachel Carson

Hi Momma! Whatcha got there? Let me see.


  1. Your front yard looks great! Emmi looks so tall sitting on your steps!

  2. My cheesy little darling! Love her sweet smile!