Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Move

August 2010. The view from our driveway. It is wonderful not to have neighbors in our back and front yard!

August 2010. Emmi and Daddy watching the storm roll in to town.

Work in progress...This was back in July. It is completed now.

Our Topeka home.

It's hard to believe that one year ago almost to the day we packed our final box and said goodbye to our very first home. It was a hard time in my life having a newborn baby, trying to sell our home and when we finally sold it, knowing I had to pack everything up and unpack everything eventually. We knew after I got pregnant that the right thing to do was to move back to our home, Sabetha. We lived in Topeka for almost two years and loved every minute of it. I worked at an amazing school (Auburn Elementary) as a 4th grade teacher (with wonderful coworkers) and Jacob was finishing up his degree at Washburn University in marketing. Jacob and I always talked about moving home but never knew when the right time was going to be. When I found out I was pregnant and due at the end of January, we knew that it was time to sell our home and move. It was all bittersweet to me. I loved my job, our house, how close we were to department stores (Babies R Us and Target), variety of restraunts, alone time together, exciting trips home to see our families, frequent visits from my brother and sister, Washburn football and basketball games, different varieties of food at the grocery store, my 4th grade teacher friends, Hallie (who lived about three blocks from us), Mali and Harley (our dogs, my dad picked them up from our house the day before Emerson was born AND...they haven't come back home yet) and so much more. We miss these things about Topeka BUT we are so happy being home.

After we packed the last thing in the Uhaul we drove north on highway 75 for the very first time as not visitors to Sabetha but as residents. Jacob, Emerson and I lived with Jacob's parents from April-August until our house was ready. We were so blessed to be able to live with them. We had the entire basement to ourselves (3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room). While living with his parents Jacob and I prayed and prayed about him finding a job but most of all the right job. AND then..it happened. He was offered two jobs in the same week. Amazing how God works, huh? He is now employed by CJ Foods in Bern, in Sales. I am a proud stay at home Mom to our wonderful daugther Emerson.

On August 3rd we finally moved into our home right on the south side of Sabetha. I really didn't realize how much work it would be from the painting to getting that grass to grow. We are right down the road from my parents and not to far from Jacob's. It is relaxing and comforting here in Sabetha. I don't have to wait on stoplights, I know almost everyone in town, I feel safe being alone at night, it takes literally five minutes to get from one side of town to the other, a wonderful church, we have friends AND they are couples!, our familes are minutes from our house and most of all this is where I can proudly say I am raising my children. I am excited what God has in mind for us next!

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  1. What a great post, Kelsi!! It is a blessing to have you here and you will never regret raising your kids here! Hugs and Love!